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Niche Blogging Success – What You Need to Know

Niche Blogging Success – What You Need to Know? Niche blogging is not that difficult. In fact it’s a lot easier than creating a more general blog. This is because you know who your target audience is. The following article talks about a few simple to apply niche blogging tips that you can use right away to see better results with your niche blogging. The Best Type of Keywords: The first step in setting up a niche blog is to target the right keywords, and your best bet is to look for some good long tail keywords. You want to find keywords that you can rank highly with in the search engines, and that are also much targeted, and long tail keywords are good on both counts. Remember that whenever you post to your blog, the search engines will be picking up on any keywords that you target. By using long tail keywords you’ll find that the competition in the search engines is low, and getting a number of your posts ranked is easier. Choosing a keyword phrase that is closely related to yo

Tiny computers: who is best positioned to win the battle of the small?

Have you ever heard of the OQO? I hadn't, until I read today's New York Times. Peter Wayner follows the quest for the perfect tiny computer in today's Technology section. The OQO-01, shown here, is the size of a palm. A banana. A stack of flashcards. The OQO runs Windows XP, and you can connect to a removable and equally tiny keyboard using Bluetooth technology. It's competing with the Palm TX and other small computers from Hewlett-Packard and Dell and the thing that's interesting to me: if you want to connect your tiny mite to peripherals, you're using technology developed for cell phones. In order to run the extremely lightweight personal network like that of Google manager Chris DiBona, you'd need technology from a hardware manufacturer, Microsoft, Bluetooth, Blackberry and Think Outside. It's certainly not an approach of the one-stop-shopper. So as road warriors search for the ever-more-tiny personal productivity system -- yet, one that can ru

Beginners Guide to WordPress

WordPress is an immensely popular blogging platform, where bloggers can write content on various topics and post it online for their readers. It is an advanced Content Management System (CMS) that can be used for creating self hosted web sites or blogging ids on their own server. Word press is a better option than Google’s as it has much more defined features. Blogging nowadays is not only a trend, but also a way of life for millions of users across the web. A platform like WordPress makes it possible even for people with little or no coding skills to voice their opinion on the Internet. Hence, in many ways it has played a pivotal role for writers who would like to create an audience on the web and talk about issues or things that interest or move them. Here are few tips for beginners to get them started on WordPress. WordPress Tips for Beginners Registration Go to the site and click on the link to create your own WordPress account. Create your

3 Steps To Drive Targeted Traffic To A New Blog Easily

Web traffic is the lifeblood of every successful blog. If your blog is new, I’m sure you’re looking for proven traffic strategies. But I’m not going to bore you with clichés and what you already know. Instead, I’ve laid out three steps to drive targeted traffic to a new blog. If your blog is barely 12 months old, it means your blog is pretty new. Blogging is a wonderful business to be in. A lot of people still don’t know the pros and cons of using blogs to build a real tribe. This tribe would consist of people who like and trust you. They are more likely to take action on the products you recommend. Blogging helps you to discover your voice and blog with style. You need targeted traffic to reach new readers and develop a tribe for yourself. Here are 3 steps to prepare your blog for quality traffic and readers. 1. Install a Fast Loading Theme Does your blog load fast? The theme you’re using can either make your blog load fast or load slowly. And according to Google, fast loadi

Top 5 SEO plugins of Wordpress

The best 5 SEO plugins of WordPress you should be using are as under: WP Mobile Detector Google happens to present more importance to the sites that offer users with mobile based versions of their portals and this is becoming a lot more as a reactive web design approach. Smartphone users prefer opting for a mobile based version of the website so why not provide them what they are looking for? With this WP Mobile Detector. This plugin will enable users to make the particular site mobile ready and will detect certain devices that are being utilized to browse through the site. The plugin is useful in giving users with a wide range of companionable mobile based themes to select from. WP SEO By Yoast SEO WordPress plugin by Yoast is considered to be a holy Grail of all the WP SEO plugins. The plugin can be installed in all sorts of WordPress sites, and it makes it extremely simple to add title tags, Meta descriptions, meta keywords to the posts or page. Snippet preview is the more

7 Ways on How to Optimize your Blog’s Homepage?

7 Ways on How to Optimize your Blog’s Homepage? - One need not explicitly state the prominence of a website’s or blog’s homepage. The saying – ‘First impression is the best impression’ holds perfectly well in the online world too. The impression your blog’s homepage sets on the mind of a new visitor determines whether or not he/she is going to be a returning visitor. In the blogging arena, bounce rate is a huge concern. This too, is often attributed to your homepage’s competence in retaining the blog’s traffic. The homepage is the face of your blog that brands you and your service, and acts as a lead conversion funnel for your online entrepreneurship. Hence paying special attention to the look and feel of your blog’s homepage is just inevitable. Follow these wise ways to optimize your blog’s homepage to make the most out of it. Navigation bar for the dummies – The menu bar must be designed in a way that the dumbest visitor finds it quite intuitive. Not only in terms of usabilit

7 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog More Eye-Catching

7 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog More Eye-Catching - First-time visitors to your blog make near-instant decisions about whether it’s worth digging into your site or whether they should just click the back button and go look at one of your competitors. That means it’s essential that the “first glimpse” anyone has of your blog is a good one; namely that it looks professional, interesting and relevant enough that it’ll grab them by the eyeballs and drag them straight into your carefully-constructed blog posts. Whilst there are a number of ways to do this, as someone who has been launching and writing blogs for almost a decade, here are the elements (in no particular order) that I’ve found to have the greatest impact on my “time on site” and “bounce rate” across dozens of blogs. Formatting Cluttered blogs, filled with text, showing very few paragraphs or subheads look tiring to read and so turn visitors off. You can change this easily by doing the opposite. Spend some time before p