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Beginners Guide to WordPress

WordPress is an immensely popular blogging platform, where bloggers can write content on various topics and post it online for their readers. It is an advanced Content Management System (CMS) that can be used for creating self hosted web sites or blogging ids on their own server. Word press is a better option than Google’s as it has much more defined features. Blogging nowadays is not only a trend, but also a way of life for millions of users across the web. A platform like WordPress makes it possible even for people with little or no coding skills to voice their opinion on the Internet. Hence, in many ways it has played a pivotal role for writers who would like to create an audience on the web and talk about issues or things that interest or move them. Here are few tips for beginners to get them started on WordPress. WordPress Tips for Beginners Registration Go to the site and click on the link to create your own WordPress account. Create your

Top 5 SEO plugins of Wordpress

The best 5 SEO plugins of WordPress you should be using are as under: WP Mobile Detector Google happens to present more importance to the sites that offer users with mobile based versions of their portals and this is becoming a lot more as a reactive web design approach. Smartphone users prefer opting for a mobile based version of the website so why not provide them what they are looking for? With this WP Mobile Detector. This plugin will enable users to make the particular site mobile ready and will detect certain devices that are being utilized to browse through the site. The plugin is useful in giving users with a wide range of companionable mobile based themes to select from. WP SEO By Yoast SEO WordPress plugin by Yoast is considered to be a holy Grail of all the WP SEO plugins. The plugin can be installed in all sorts of WordPress sites, and it makes it extremely simple to add title tags, Meta descriptions, meta keywords to the posts or page. Snippet preview is the more

Finding Answers To Your WordPress issues

Finding Answers To Your WordPress issues - Using WordPress may be a sensible alternative for anyone who is wanting to make an internet presence. one amongst it’s best “selling” points is that it's free. Their .com website can even offer hosting for you. there's one draw back to the present though – there's nobody to decision when one thing goes wrong. For the foremost half you're on your own. it's sometimes up to you to repair your own drawback, however luckily there's some healing there: 1. Forums: whether or not you host your own website or use the .com service, each instances have an internet forum. this is often in all probability the primary place you ought to hunt for any problems you're having. If one thing is wrong together with your WordPress website there's a decent likelihood that somebody else has addressed it. Before you create a post asking your question, do a research on the forums and you would possibly