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Passionate for Pets

Passionate for Pets - When creating a modern home, you really have to cover all of the bases in order to achieve an edgy, stylish, and chic design. Throughout each post, we have gone through many creative ways in which to make your modern taste shine throughout your home and personal style. With that being said, can you think of what, or should I say who, is missing a modern makeover? Why, it's your pet of course! Keep your dogs and cats relaxing in style with a chic pet bed from Hepper Home. You'll love this unique addition to your living room and your pets will thank you for their next deep sleep! Think back to the last time you were lying in a hammock on a warm afternoon. Do you remember how comfortable it was? Now your dog or cat can get the same comfort from the Hepper Wave Bed. This removable micro-suede hammock comes complete with a soft foam pad on the inside for added support. Pets up to 50 pounds can enjoy their next peaceful sleep on this hammock-like bed.