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Tiny computers: who is best positioned to win the battle of the small?

Have you ever heard of the OQO? I hadn't, until I read today's New York Times. Peter Wayner follows the quest for the perfect tiny computer in today's Technology section. The OQO-01, shown here, is the size of a palm. A banana. A stack of flashcards. The OQO runs Windows XP, and you can connect to a removable and equally tiny keyboard using Bluetooth technology. It's competing with the Palm TX and other small computers from Hewlett-Packard and Dell and the thing that's interesting to me: if you want to connect your tiny mite to peripherals, you're using technology developed for cell phones. In order to run the extremely lightweight personal network like that of Google manager Chris DiBona, you'd need technology from a hardware manufacturer, Microsoft, Bluetooth, Blackberry and Think Outside. It's certainly not an approach of the one-stop-shopper. So as road warriors search for the ever-more-tiny personal productivity system -- yet, one that can ru