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How much office space does your business require?

How much office space does your business require? Before you launch or expand your business, you’ll need to find out how much office space you need. There are numerous websites and books devoted to this idea, but even after looking them over, you may not know where to begin. Early mistakes will surely lead to space constraints down the road, and choosing too large a location will likely result in high utility bills and wasted space. A good rule of thumb is to set aside 175-200 square feet of office space per person, but that figure can differ depending on the needs of your business. By reviewing the issues we’ve listed below, you’ll have more of a chance of ending up with only the space you really need. How many employees do you have, and how many will actually be working in your office? Can any of them work from home via telecommuting? Do you expect to hire any more workers within the next couple of years? To get a better idea of your space needs, these are the questions you