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Social Bookmarking to Boost Your Incoming Links

Social Bookmarking to Boost Your Incoming Links Social bookmarking sites are tremendously popular, and they provide a nice method for new sites to get exposure to target readers, and to get incoming links to increase your search engine ranking. You really don’t want to rush out and submit a ton of your own links to these sites, however. Here are some tactics for doing some social networking without being a pest or, worse yet, getting blacklisted. Submit sparingly, and spread it around to various social bookmarking sites. For instance, you might submit one post to StumbleUpon this week, and another to Digg the week later. Make it easy for people to socially bookmark your content. AddThis is a really simple-to-implement tool that makes it easy for people to choose their personal favorite bookmarking site and submit your content. AddThis has a really extensive list of social bookmarking sites, but a few that I like (Babblz, for instance) are missing. Share This (which you can use be

Backlinks And Its Effect On SEO

Backlinks And Its Effect On SEO For a website or a blog site to thrive, it is necessary to make use of SEO measures for it to have a good impact online. For those who are new to this term, there are a few things that content writers have to consider in order to optimize their website to consider, especially after the Google Penguin update. These are the quality of the content, keyword positioning and backlinks. Overview of Backlinks Have you ever read an article with relevant words highlighted in blue and when you hover the mouse pointer over and click it, it will lead to another website? These are backlinks. They are basically, links from other websites that will lead readers of that website to your website. The more high ranking and established the website is that contains your backlink, the more chance that your website will get a high position in search engine results. Importance of Backlinks Backlinks are deemed as the backbone of any website or blog site. For the reader,