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The meat co., and fossil rock

The meat co., and fossil rock So it may seem that we are red meat mad from this blog but finding a good steak here is harder than you may think. Anyway we met up with some MORE South African friends, who were here escaping from Iran for some R&R, on Thursday night last week at the Meat Co in the Souk Al Bahar, which is near the Burj Dubai tower (at 1km when complete it will be the tallest building in the world apparently). This Souk (or shopping mall if you like) has been designed to look old fashioned and almost Moroccan, although not having been to Morocco this is only a guess you understand. Unfortunately the metro and road construction all around the Old Town Island, where this development is located, made it rather a challenging place to a) find and b) get into, but we made it in the end.

South African waiters

The nice thing about the Meat Co, apart from the SA meat of course, is that the waiters are all imported too, so it’s a real home away from home, with them singing shozaloza with the happy birthday song. The meal was delicious, as designated driver I did not have any wine sadly but nonetheless the evening was lovely. Yes drunk driving is not a national sport here like it is in South Africa so you really do have to plan your evening a bit better than you did at home; luckily there are toot-and-scoot type services if you get into a pickle (ha-ha!)

Fossil Rock at last

The next day (Friday) we had a day out planned, off to see Fossil Rock and the Hatta pools. Fossil rock is not far from Dubai, but most of the route is sand, navigated with a wing and a prayer. The Dubai off-road explorer book that we purchased for these adventures is useful up to a point but we did manage to get lost several times, especially seeing as I was navigating from the wrong route (but we won't go into that now). Eventually we did find the rock, but managed not to notice as we were too busy sliding down sand dunes in the car (very scary)!!

Once we left the dunes we headed into Hatta for something to eat. By this time we were all rather frayed and frazzled, yes it was hot hot hot again! The Hatta Fort Hotel is a nice little oasis; we had a very refreshing lunch here. Stu and Peter even pigged out on ice-cream, yummy.

After lunch we were all really feeling the heat and rather keen to take a plunge in the Hatta Pools, so it was back in the car for another 15kms or so. After a short walk (which felt a lot longer in the heat) we came upon the pools. Sadly litter is a huge problem there, and made a lovely spot rather disappointing, so Stu was the only one of us that braved a dip. Well I did manage to slip and fall on my knees on the rocks, almost got the camera wet, but have ended up with a lovely bruise on my shin for being such a klutz! Typical me..

Peter, Eunice, Farren, Caroline, Shane, Me and Stu at Hatta Pools

On the domestic front our boxes arrived from home, I would like to say safely and in one piece but it seems the "this way up" logo is not internationally recognised. If it weren't for mom's liberal use of bubble wrap I fear we would have had way more casualties. Saturday was therefore spent unpacking kitchen stuff and various bits and pieces. We have now officially run out of cupboard space, but its nice to have our hand-made Ngwenya whiskey tumblers to drink out of again!!


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