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Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Bathroom Wall Mirrors If your bathroom is in need of an update and you are looking for inexpensive ways to reinvigorate the space, consider adding a frame to your mirror. Most of us have a boring sheet glass mirror hanging on the wall, yet it serves as the focal point of our bathroom. What can you do to add some pizazz to this important bathroom fixture? You could pull it down and purchase a framed mirror to hang in its place, but that leads to the expense of removal and disposal. Furthermore there's the cost to fix the paint or wallpaper behind the mirror. Why not frame the existing mirror to give it a custom look found in high-end homes and design magazines?

Framing a mirror can be easily handled by anyone from the do-it-yourselfer to the husband or wife that's all thumbs. Depending on your skill level and budget, there are several ways to complete a mirror framing project:

For those that want professional help, a carpenter or cabinet builder is a great place to start. With minimal materials and time, a tradesman can successfully craft your mirror frame. However this route can be significantly more expensive than other options. Once the frame has been built it must be painted to match your décor and then securely installed. Many times this can involve several different contractors and you may be looking at paying various "minimum" fees because of the small scope of the project.

Bathroom Wall Mirrors

For homeowners that are comfortable with tools, building your own frame may be the way to go. Experienced woodworkers will find this to be a simple project. Most local lumber suppliers offer a selection of wood moldings that are suitable to use as a framing material. Generally, the molding will be cut into four pieces with mitered corners. To cover the mirror edges you will want to use a router to cut a groove or "rabbit" all the way around the frame. Stain or paint the molding to your liking and you are ready to install.

Bathroom Wall Mirrors

For the best of both worlds consider a company that sells pre-finished frames custom cut to your mirror dimensions. These manufacturers have perfected the art of mirror framing with a wide selection of styles and colors, easy online ordering and the package ships with everything you need to install your frame in minutes. Look for a company that offers a simple installation method such as those that attach to the surface of your mirror using a heavy duty tape, and corner connectors. This makes it easy for anyone to install the frame using no special tools or skills. And once complete, the frame is securely adhered to the glass for a worry-free install. Some manufacturer's frames have even been designed to cover ugly clips and hide the mirror's edges.

No matter which method is right for you, adding a frame to your bathroom mirror can breathe new life into the space. Consider this worthwhile, budget-friendly upgrade for your master bathroom to create a unique look found in the finest homes.


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